Seminar “The cocktail party effect: An old problem begging for a new solution”

Thời gian: 14.00 ngày 29/3/2018

Địa điểm: phòng seminar tầng 9 (MICA)

Người trình bày: Prof. Pierre Divenyi, Stanford University

Title: The cocktail party effect: An old problem begging for a new solution

Abstract: Listening to speech of a target speaker embedded in the noise constituted by speech of other speakers was termed “cocktail party effect” (CPE) by the British engineer-scientist Colin Cherry over 60 years ago. It is well known that the CPE declines with age and it has been observed even in elderly individuals with relatively intact hearing thresholds. In order to account for the CPE loss, the question arises which auditory processes among those needed for decoding the speech signal also suffer an age-related decline. Because speech is a signal modulated in time and frequency, this talk will focus on findings that compare perceptual accuracy of elderly and young individuals listening to FM and AM signals embedded in FM or AM distracters. Results suggest that elderly listeners are significantly less able to discriminate FM and AM patterns in FM or AM noise, raising the possibility that the CPE loss may be associated with a decline in the auditory processing of speech dynamics in age.

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