The Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Laboratory (MSOLab) is one of four research laboratories in the School of Information and Technology.  It was founded in 2013 and is a community of theoretical computer scientists with interests in algorithms, complexity, simulation, high-performance computing, modeling, machine learning, semantics, security, logic, and databases.

The mainspring of research in MSO Laboratory is the study of theories which underlie, or should in future underlie, the analysis and design of computing systems. Our work has a core of theoretical research and a practical component which explores application and implementation of the theory. Several research groups exist within MSOLab:

  • Algorithms and Optimization

  • High Performance Computing

  • Data Science


Seminar “The cocktail party effect: An old problem begging for a new solution”

Thời gian: 14.00 ngày 29/3/2018 Địa điểm: phòng seminar tầng 9 (MICA) Người trình bày: Prof. Pierre Divenyi, Stanford University Title: The…

Seminar: “Ergonomic Aspects of Autonomous Driving”

Ergonomic Aspects of Autonomous Driving Studying Human Behavior in Urban Traffic Using Linked Driving Simulation Thời gian: 14.30 ngày thứ…

Seminar “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: the role of machine learning”

Thời gian: 14.30 ngày thứ 2, 6/11/2017 Địa điểm: phòng 803, nhà B1, Đại học Bách khoa Hà Nội Người…

Seminar “Data Analytics”

Thời gian: 14.30 ngày thứ 2, 30/10/2017 Địa điểm: phòng 803, nhà B1, Đại học Bách khoa Người trình bày:…